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Kurt and Blaine // A Glee Fan Community

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"let's run away and don't ever look back."
Welcome to kainelove, a Kurt and Blaine community for the hit Fox TV show, Glee. The only requirements for joining are if you love Kurt, you love Blaine, and you love seeing them together.

This community is for posting news, information, graphics, fan fiction, or general flailing love for the characters or their acting counterparts (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss.) Anything Kaine goes!

rules & guidelines
Just like Dalton Academy, this community has a zero-tolerance bullying policy. Do not harass your fellow member, or Kurt/Blaine (or homosexual relationships in general.) If you do so, you will be kicked out faster than you can say "Warblers."

Irrelevant content is prohibited. All posts must be Kurt, Blaine, Chris, or Darren related. Even general Glee news is fine, as long as Kurt and Blaine are involved.

Refer to the pre-determined tags list when posting. Please request ideas for new tags to mods via private message. Also, follow the LiveJournal common laws of courtesy. Put long articles and big pictures under cuts, as well as spoilers.

gleefinders, gleespotlight, gleefic.com

Kainelove is ran by your fantastic moderator friends,
borderlineamaze, luckiestxclover, and lilplaiddress

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